How to Protect Yourself from Negative,Bad-mind, Jealous and otherwise Ill Intentioned People

Reaffirm Your Greatness

Negative energy can only truly effect you if your foundation of self-love is weak. When you find yourself being affected by the negativity of others, reevaluate. This is the perfect time to acknowledge some positive things about yourself.  Make a list of your accomplishments or good character traits. If you have a hard time coming up with things, you may need to set some goals for yourself or work on some ways you can improve your personality.

Tell them the truth

Ideally we all want to be able to ignore negative people or erase them from our lives. The fact of the matter we may not be able to do so. They may be co-workers or even family members. And lets face it some people are PERSISTENT. Every time you see them, even it’s only for a few seconds they find a way to try to disrupt your joy.

Radical honesty can really get under someones skin. If you verbally acknowledge that what they are saying or doing is hurting you, they may take it into consideration. Speak up and let them know exactly what they are doing. You might say something like “What you just said really wasn’t nice, were you intentionally trying to hurt my feelings?” –Some people may laugh, scoff say that they were joking or may even say something even more hurtful. Be prepared for that and don’t let it bother you. Keep a serious tone. Most people with a conscience will later think about what they did or said– especially if you tell them consistently.

Remember the Problem is Likely with Them and Not You

People who are unhappy hate to see others enjoying themselves.

People who are unsuccessful never congratulate the success of others.

We’ve all heard the phrase “misery loves company” & it’s true!

People who judge you or have negative things to say about you usually are deficient in some area of their life where you excel. Some times the person is not at all conscious of their feelings – usually they are not – this is why it manifests in their comments, actions or aura.

Remind yourself of these things when you come across these people.

Ignore them & Resist the Urge to Defend Yourself

Every interaction with another being is an energy exchange. When others attack you with their unkindness, they are hoping to steal a little or a lot of your energy. Don’t let them do this.

When possible, ignore them completely. Nothing gets an ill intentioned person more frustrated than being ignored.

NEVER EVER defend yourself, and here’s why:

If you are confident in your abilities at a given thing, there is no need to prove that to ANYONE.

It is a complete waste of energy. The person attacking you knows that you are doing well, it is this fact that encourages them to pick at you in the first place. When you try to defend yourself, not only are you wasting your time an energy on someone who is already beneath you, you are actually doing them a favor. You are taking energy that could be spent bettering yourself and sharing that energy with them. They will ignore the logic of your defense anyway. Their mind was made up even before they approached you. Now all you’ve done is gotten yourself worked up and probably exerted some negative energy yourself trying to hurt them in return.